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10 Steps to Happiness

“Real happiness costs not much. If you have to pay a high price for it, then it is a fake”,

Coco Chanel

true happiness, happiness in simple things, living happily

Whatever we do, whatever we achieve and whatever way we choose – we all want only HAPPINESS at the end!

And it is our legal right – to live a happy life! So why most people do not get it is an open question, but in this article, I will share some simple steps leading to the happiness.

I want to make one remark. Happiness is actually in simple things. We become happy because of simple human values: to love and be loved, to be healthy, to have close people by our side, to do our thing. If you are in tough relations with happiness, then it is a reason to think if you really are on the way to happiness.

So, 10 steps which according to the experts are able to make you happy and change your life.

And, of course, they are rather simple.

 the path to happiness, happiness is near, simple human values

  1. Inner decision to live happily now.

It may sound banal, but actually most people don’t really know what they exactly want and are used to suffer. As soon as you give yourself an answer to the question “What do I want?” and refuse from the role of a victim and a sufferer, you will be able to consciously begin to create a life which you dream of.

  1. Find your passion.

It’s a process of self-understanding and realizing of things you are keen on. When a person does what she/he likes, she/he finds a favorite occupation, an inner happiness and a great feeling of satisfaction. It may be discussing different topics with your friends during free time, an interesting job inspiring for new ideas and development, or a hobby.

It is a known fact that a person having a creative hobby has a lot less problems with health, more resources, recovers faster and has a high stress resistance level. So what? It’s not a bad motivation to take time for your favorite pastime, is it? Besides, during such activity the “happiness hormones” release in your organism.

  1. Make a list of pleasant activities.

It is possible that you haven’t found your favorite pastime yet. So, take some time to put down a list of things you like to do. Write down things you could do for 5 minutes (e.g., drink a cup of coffee), 15 minutes (e.g., call your friend), 30 minutes (e.g., do yoga), one hour (e.g., take a bath with foam), half of a day (e.g., read an interesting book), and for a hole day (e.g., go to the countryside). And when you feel depressed, open your list, and depending on how much time you can take, choose a corresponding point from the list. It is the quickest way to lift your spirits providing yourself with a daily norm of happiness.

interaction with others, give and receive love, sincere gratitude

  1. Express gratitude as often as you can.

Sincere gratitude is one of the simplest ways to make yourself feel better immediately. No matter what happens in your life, you always can find something to be grateful for. When you begin to appreciate all you have in life, your opportunities broaden, because you concentrate on the positive sides. Things you are grateful for become bigger. This is how “Law of Gratitude” works.

  1. Spend time with your beloved.

A human’s natural need is interaction with others. We are social creatures, and we need giving love as well as receiving it. Express your feelings as brighter and sincerer as possible. Don’t think that your beloved one is already aware of your feelings, therefore doesn’t need your romantic confessions. Agree, it is always pleasant and important to hear that we are loved. So, spare no words, hugs and pleasant things for your beloved.

 to smile, to be a volunteer, to be a reason for joy for others

  1. Smile to a new day, energy that we get from our planet.

We get so many presents from our world, but unfortunately often take them for granted. We also tend to spend more time indoors, where we are disconnected from the rhythms of nature. Instead, being outdoors we get charged with energy, especially while enjoying nature’s beauty and gifts.

Look around and smile to the wonderful world you live in.

  1. Be a volunteer.

Serving to other people is your time, knowledge and money. When you selflessly help others, improve somebody’s life, in some sense it makes you happier, too. A simple act of help to the needy automatically raises the level of energy, and you feel joy of self-realization. Find an interesting volunteer project, take pert in a charity event; for somebody your small act or word may become the beginning of big changes. Eventually you will see the strength of your own influence. But remember that charity is a kindness for which you don’t expect getting anything in return.

  1. The shortest distance between two people is a smile.

A smile is a simple and pleasant way to lift your spirits. Unfortunately, in the hustle and bustle we forget about the strength of a smile. By the way, a smile helps to establish a contact with a person. It causes an automatic mutual reaction – a person will always smile in response. So, be generous with smiles every day.

It is scientifically proved that often smiling people live longer and feel healthier!

  1. Become a reason for somebody’s happiness.

Good deeds for others is some kind of magic. Just imagine, a person which will unexpectedly get a present from you will firstly be surprised, then feel happy and finally want to make something pleasant for somebody else. So, unexpected gifts and surprises make a day more joyful. And giving somebody a piece of happiness, you become happier, too.

  1. Start and end your day in a positive mood.

Immediately after waking up, before getting up from the bad, make a wish for a future day: what important things you want to achieve, do or get today. And before falling asleep revise all pleasant events that happened to you during the day.

 perfect day, happiness in small things

In the morning take 10 minutes and imagine your ideal day in all details.

Such a simple habit is very important, especially for busy people. It will keep you in positive tone throughout a day! Evening gratitude will teach you to rejoice in little and simple things. Positive thoughts before falling asleep will make your sleep calm and deep, and provide a good mood in the morning.

I’m sure that if you do at least one step from this list every day, then very soon your life will change and you will feel happy!

Be happy, for the happiness is only your choice!;-)

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