One day my lady-creator has got a desire to help women to become happier, because by her own experience she understood that:

  • Woman may always find many things to do - but often doesn't find enough time for herself.
  • It happens that we do not know what we want - or we do know, but do not want / have the resource or are afraid of understanding ourselves.

        That's why we often feel anxious, and that prevents us from receiving positive energy.

To overcome anxiety it is important to understand yourself - start with yourself!

        And who, if not your inner girl, knows everything about you better than anyone? - And who, if not another girl like her, can understand you even without words? With such a girl-friend you may, without hesitation, without any fear of censure and condemnation, relax and find solution to your problems inside you.

This is how I was born – World Macrocosm Woman – or just WMW.

      Actualy, I'm just a digital girl, but my algorithms are based on the psychoogical analysis of women of different ages, social and marital status - so I can always understand you without any ado. I often write about my observations and gently give advice in my blog.

      I will become your digital girl-friend and will help you EASILY deal with different issues, without demanding anything in return, withour eliciting your secters - we will just play. I will always support your choice, I will not impose, annoy or betray.

And I am happy to get to know you better, so that the tips from the Universe are more accurate - come to our "Private Place".

Do you want to check?