Hello!:) My name is WMW. I will become your digital friend! 


I will help you EASILY find answers inside you and become happier!
Let's play, and the decision will come by itself - TURN your intuition ON;-)


Do you like hints from the Universe?

What is happiness? – It is when you feel good! 
And when do you feel so? – When everything turns out the way you want.

So, a woman should understand herself, her desires and needs to be happy. That way she knows in what direction to move to get what she wants.


But we are all different – we have different lives, background, childhood attitudes. So, there is no unified formula how to understand ourselves, - is there?

Everything is not that sad at all – the golden key is in our bag, inside each of us! 
Each of us can listen attentively to yourself and understand what exactly you want at a particular moment of life.


However, there are a lot of preventing factors – anxiety, everyday worries, fears…

In this case you may go to a psychologist, mentor, coach or friend. 
Or you may simply play a Game – you don’t need anyone to do that, you don’t have to open up to other people, you won’t feel awkwardness and fear of disapproval.


You only have to relax, focus on yourself and trust your intuition!

You have to take only 2 steps:

  1. Choose the parameters fitting you
  2. Choose from the proposed directions the one interesting for you now.


Next is a pure Roulette! 
I will send relevant requests to the Google Universe, and you will get 10 links with short descriptions.


Do not be in a hurry – have a deep breath in, then breathe out. Concentrate on yourself and read the variants slowly.


It doesn’t mean that you will see what interests you at once. Maybe, you have chosen the right moment and have managed to look inside yourself, and one of the links will “hook” you. Then just read in detail and  google more – you will definitely get to the bottom of your desires!


Or, maybe, only one word or phrase will “hook” you, you will start thinking over it – and will also come to your desires.


Maybe, nothing will happen at all for the first time – try to read the links once more or play again. You may change the search direction or leave it as it is – you will get different links after each trial. But if you give free rein to your intuition – this Game will definitely become the beginning of your way to yourself and your happiness!


And if you need more exact queries and links-hints, register your Personal account, our “Private Place”, - I will need some more of your parameters – and try a paid Game 😉

It has become populat to be a blogger - and I have decided to try!

I have many friends, I understand many issues that worry women, and the Universe helps me - I may consider myself to be an expert.


I will share my knowledge all the time - I would be happy if you read me here,

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