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Why it is sometimes hard to rest. And how to correct that.

In the article “What Type of Rest Suits a Woman.  How Long a Woman Should Rest” most of all I wanted to draw your attention to the fact that it is very important to feel your needs at the moment here and now. And so, let’s imagine, that you already can feel your needs. You understand by your body’s signals when it needs to rest. You feel when you need a mental discharge or reboot.

 rest is needed, I need to rest, the body needs rest, reboot is needed

But you can’t afford to rest anytime. Sometimes you even think that is not appropriate now. And it completely doesn’t fit in your plans.

Let’s find out the reason. And what can we do about it?

tired not timely, I can't stop, I need to slow down

There may be several reasons for it:

  1. It’s important for you to work a lot in order to achieve success. And it seems to you that if you stop, give yourself some rest, make a pause, then you could lose what you already have or what you have already achieved.
  2. It’s important for you to evolve. And it seems that if you slow down, you will stop doing it. And maybe even start to degrade.
  3. When you work a lot, you confirm your importance. And then letting yourself rest, doing nothing seem to deprive yourself of this importance.

The list may be continued, but the sense of each point is that there are some limiting beliefs creating prohibition for rest. Therefore, it’s important to realize them and accept, thank them for protecting you from something, and find a new solution where something different will sound.

For example, the following:

  • Rest is an important part of my way to success. When I rest, I create a resource for new achievements. And also, it is time to analyze and assign what is already achieved.
  • I can evolve even while resting. All things giving me inspiration, joy, peace are resources are used for my development.
  • I mean a lot both when I’m working and when I’m doing nothing. I am valuable for no reason.

Should you plan your rest? And for whom is it especially important to do this?

 planning, plan a vacation, time to relax

We know a lot about the benefits of planning. And we understand that it is the key to our productivity and efficiency.

But how does it often happen? - Our plan and daily schedule turn into a long list of tasks and obligations. “Time free from this could be devoted to rest”, we think.

But if I told you that it’s important primarily to add rest into your schedule? To write down in your schedule when you rest, set time for food, care about health and relationships (time for family, friends, close people).

Why is it so important?

Firstly, you direct your focus onto yourself. And you are your main “tool” in your work. Agree, if you had no energy, health, wellness and care, you would hardly be able to stay productive and involved in your work to the maximum.

Secondly, you create a space for the discipline and concentration on work understanding that this is the time when it’s important to realize what you have planned.

Of course, it is not about strict time limits. We, girls, need flexibility. In this matter, too. But the priorities where we are those who stand on the highest stair are also important for us.

For whom is it especially important to plan rest?

For responsible people, for those who is used to work hard and efficiently, who can give in to the business and who strives for lofty goals. Rest in their plans will help to balance their life, do burnout prevention. And perception of rest as an important, planned activity will help them to switch to it without anxiety, and to really have a rest.

planned vacation, switch and relax, focus on yourself

So, let's summarize what most important we need to remember about rest.

  • Rest is an important part of our life.
  • Only you know how much rest, what type of rest you need and when to rest.
  • Rest by response is a conscious approach to its organization where you focus on your needs, desires, emotional and body responses. And chose what you need at this very moment.
  • If it’s difficult for you to afford some rest, investigate what beliefs stand behind it. And transform them into new permissions.
  • Plan your rest as well as you plan your actions. It will help you focus, not to gnaw at yourself with guilt and to rest efficiently and enough.

Take care! And rest heartily;-)

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